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LoA and OCD

Discussion in 'The Law Of Attraction' started by YouthThunder, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. YouthThunder

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    Mar 25, 2012
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    This may sound very silly,but please read on:

    So will bad things come true if you accidentally say(words or thoughts) something bad not meaning(and what if you mean it??) it?What do you think??Because I have this irritating OCD symptom that make me think "if I do this,X will happen".That or when I think of something then I thought of something awful ,then I immediately say in mind that these two things have no correlation but I feel that subconsciously I might have said the thing its just that I did not think of it consciously.Intrusive thoughts.I am scared it might be equivalent to cursing something or using the Law of Attraction to make something happen,hopefully not.

    EDIT:I am a chinese and we have a taboo that we curse someone that a bad thing will happen to them,if it does happen we are partly to blame(not sure if other culture has this thing as well),besides what do you guys think about the Law of Attraction??? These two I think are among the main reasons I have this problem.thnks.

    The most serious example I am currently facing is this scenarione day my friend came over my flat,and I was watching a youtube video about some video game character and suddenly i think i was overwhelmed by by OCD "seizure" and thought of something like "will he go to hell if I play this character",and then suddenly i thought of an image of me or someone saying yes,which i respond by thinking an image of a person (I think,I don;t remember 100%)saying no,and this "program" has transmitted over some other characters too,I am afraid of possibility of LoA somehow indirectly affect the outcome.Any ideas???I heard that thought is creative power ,I guessed my condition took advantage of that phrase.I pretty sure I won;t caused any to go to hell DIRECTLY but is that possible for indirectly channeling that power via LoA ("by corrupting someone")???

    Ya,basically I afraid of an image of someone saying yes popping up when I think " Hey,if I do so-and-so will X(insert something bad("like somehow indirectly caused someone to go to h***" happen?)"I always question myself afterward (if this happens) should I risk doing this or that??That and I wonder while doing that thing once won;t cause any harm,what about doing those things again and again???Plus fear of it!

    Besides,I have also think things that happened is G-d or some spiritual beings trying to show me a sign,sometimes I counteract my OCD by saying "ok if so-and-so happens then there is no such ocd deals or anything like that".


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