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Just an idea...

Discussion in 'Your Suggestions' started by airportlounge, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. airportlounge

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    Dec 14, 2007
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    Hello Fellow Meditators!

    I have a pretty simple idea that I thought would be interesting for Michael to try if not on a trial basis. It's also a very vague framework for an idea that can easily be elaborated upon and augmented.

    Now let's get to the point.

    I was thinking of a section in the forums that allows us to keep a log of sorts for meditation/mental improvement (and even physical improvement). I believe that this would prove beneficial in a) helping and supporting us in keeping ourselves accountable to our goals b) allow more experienced meditators and fitness gurus to assist us with our goals by providing valuable feedback and finally, c) create a more supportive environment with positive reinforcement to help us achieve our goals.

    These logs can involve any aspect of our mental and physical exercise, such as:
    -Meditation atmospheres (external and internal)
    -Meditation methods (Mantras, sitting position, breathing techniques)
    -Stage in Lifeflow if its being used (Lifeflow stage ex. CD10-CD1)
    -Nutrition and exercise log if that is a concern/goal
    -Mood logs

    I believe this would not only make a more active and involved community, but allow us to learn from each other on an individual level, but broaden the collective understanding of the community as a whole.

    *Edit* Or we could go with something a little more specific and in a general framework that focus on things most important to efficient and effective meditation and well being and provide constructive feedback to one another.
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