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Intitial Questions

Discussion in 'START HERE: Registration & Introductions' started by m2244, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. m2244

    m2244 Member

    Mar 20, 2014
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    I am fairly new to meditation, maybe 2 months (unless heavy day dreaming counts :)).

    Anyway, I have some beginner questions about LifeFlow. I have looked around the site a bit, tried the demo, and I still have a few questions. Is there more than one product with LifeFlow? Is this brain entrainment?

    I'm a busy person, I am in the Air National Guard full-time and I'm starting a side business. Part of my morning routine is meditation. Like many other people I want something that will give me benefits over a short period of time. I would like to find something that helps me become more confident, more present, improve self esteem, etc.

    Does LifeFlow do all of this? Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    Jan 4, 2009
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    Hi m2244 (catchy name :D)

    Lifeflow is brainwave entrainment tracks (containing Monaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats). There are 10 'levels' in the series, starting at Lifeflow 10, going down to Lifeflow 1, usually done over 10 months (though you can choose to do it slower if you want). There are also some 'bonus' tracks that you get with it such as "Creative Flow" and "Optimal Learning" which you can use at any time. These too include entrainment beats, with frequencies designed to help when you're being creative or studying (though you can use them at other times too). There's also two bonus tracks "Awaken" and "Nirvana" you get once you reach level 1 (unless you purchase the whole set as physical CD's and then you'll get everything together anyway) which works alongside all the previous levels and can be used when you like for the benefit of many daily tasks and needs (it's a Gamma entrainment track).

    Lifeflow itself isn't meditation.
    Whilst you can use it without meditation, the greater benefit comes when it's used alongside meditation (you don't have to actively listen to what's playing on the lifeflow track, just have it playing as you meditate).
    On the homepage of the forums you'll see a box/link at the top for "Discover Meditation". These are some free CD's you can download which give instruction on meditation if you're not already meditating or want to try a mantra based meditation style (certainly the style I prefer).

    There's also a forum full of Guided Meditations that are free to download too...

    Guided Meditations - Project Meditation Community Forum

    ... which are more focused meditations for dealing with specific issues or needs.

    So, there's a lot to choose from; the meditation stuff being free, the Lifeflow CD's being costed (occasionally there are offers where, for example, the first disc is offered at a discount etc. or you can contact the support team who are very helpful and will be able to assist if you want to just receive the tracks every 2 months etc. or if you want to stop paying for them for a but and restart again later etc. - there's no tie-in's). You also don't get hounded with numerous marketing rubbish like some other companies, just the occasional email with useful tips and information.

    Lifeflow and meditation can, and has, certainly helped many people (just look at some of the success stories people have posted on these forums). I've certainly found great benefit since I started meditation several years ago, and Lifeflow has definitely assisted in that.



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