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I'm a Newcomer

Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by ChristopherAugustine, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. ChristopherAugustine

    ChristopherAugustine Member

    Aug 30, 2013
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    Hey everyone I'm relatively new to the whole world of meditation and in the search to maintain a state of inner mindfulness. I've been reading about different techniques and have come across various articles in my studies that speaks this art. So far my strides have been mostly adapted from vague spots of information I've absorbed relating to the topic at hand and some type of intuition and homegrown-based system that just feels right.

    I know there is much to learn and am so very excited to be in the mental vicinity of other individuals that share my desire and interest in the general art of meditation.

    I can't say I subscribe to one form of meditation though. I feel as if, from what I've collected throughout my studies, I have found certain facets of the assortment of meditative disciplines to be very compelling and enlightening.

    I don't want to make this first post too dense but I have many questions.

    Recently I was walking along Canal Street in New York City and wandered into a obscure looking store. On the outside they sold the run-of-the-mill pop styled accessories. For some reason I decided to look further inside and perceived a very different type of vibe, by this observation I wandered on in. Inside they have many different types of items that were geared towards aiding in the meditation-oriented activity. I conversed with the shop owner, I told her I recently had found myself in a blind meditative pursuit. I inquired of information on the various objects lying around the room. First she introduced me to an item called a "Singing Bowl". She took a what looked like a wooden mallet and whipped the side. The sound was mesmerizing, it was the exact kind of tones that I had been listening to when informed of Binaural Tones and their meditative usage. She then took the wooden mallet and lightly grazed it around the rim of the bowl to create incredible harmonics that blew my mind. Knowing that clearly this was not a piece to buy on Canal Street in New York City with no knowledge of what exactly I was dealing with, I knew that I would not be purchasing one here. He then show me to a Crystal Salt Lamp or something and gave me some vague explanation on what the item consisted of that I didn't understand. I did get a great feeling from the bare visual aesthetic of this Salt Lamp, but again knew I needed to do more research. He tried to sell me a Japanese Zen Pillow, some type of wheat stuffed within it. It seemed expensive and again I felt bewildered.

    Again I apologize for that long allusion to my recent encounter. But I only tell of it, in its elongated form, to express and explain my current questions in a less formal and less forward manner.
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  2. pollyanna

    pollyanna Moderator

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Hi Christopher and welcome to the community :)

    sounds like you saw some really interesting items. Old singing bowls really are quite fascinating.

    Many years ago I had a strong reason to learn to meditate, had no idea what it was and tried many methods. Finally I tried "Discover Meditation" with LifeFlow and became a part of this community. I've witnessed all kinds of comments about feelings and sensations and experienced some myself of course.
    As deep supressed emotions surfaced (often through dreams for me) I learned to observe the body sensations and let them go. The changes in my day to day life over time have been absolutely staggering and for a number of years I have realised that to simply rest in the quiet place that is within each of us is the most natural and beneficial thing we can do.

    In the past I have gone through searching times and times of feeling lost. I had no idea then that all the answers were within me waiting to be re-discovered.

    Here is a link to the Principles of Meditation and Entrainment:-


    Hope you find it helpful. I look forward to hearing how you progress and wish you an abundance of peace and joy :) :) :)
  3. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    Jan 4, 2009
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    Hi Christopher and welcome to the Project Meditation community,

    a) Singing Bowls - yes they can produce some wonderful harmonic sounds. You can typically get them in metal or crystal glass, though the traditional singing bowls are produced from a combination of 7 metals. I'd certainly recommend you test out the different sizes of different bowls to see what the sounds are like from each, and certainly ensure you like the sound of any bowl before you buy one, and check out the mallet that they provide you with to ensure it skims around the edge nicely in your hand (some cheap ones come with polished wood or suchlike and don't have the friction needed to generate the resonant sounds). You may also like to lookup Tingsha Cymbals which are a small hand held pair of symbals that can be gently tapped together (bring one down onto the other at the edges) to generate a long harmonic sound. (these are often used in guided meditations or on meditation CD's)

    b) Salt Lamps - hmmmm, there's nothing really special about these, and there was a bit of a 'craze' on them a few years back for some reason (especially in the UK). They're essentially just raw rock salt (typically yellow or pinkish in colour) with a lamp stuck in them. One thing to be aware of is that, because they are salt, they natually absorb moisture from the atmosphere, and then when you have the lamp turned on, the heat of the lamp can make the water expel from the salt and run down them (or at least make them wet to the touch). The combination of water and salt can damage whatever furniture you have the lamp on, especially polished/wooden surfaces.

    c) Zen Pillows - again these are, like you say, just wheat filled pillows, and sometimes just go by the name of wheat pillows. The idea is that you can heat them up in a microwave and they hold the heat for quite a while, and then you can put them on aches and pains, use them as a bodywarmer, or infuse them with some essential oils (some come already infused with lavender or suchlike) and just inhale the aroma from them gently given off due to the heat. I was given one as a present once, though never really found any desire to use it.

    Out of all the 3 you mentioned, for meditation practice, I'd opt for the singing bowl (and I do have one myself), just as a means of bringing the focus of the sense of hearing to the room prior meditating. Some people also say that the sounds can be very 'grounding' though that depends on your beliefs and understandings of energy work and suchlike.



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