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  1. i have to study to go to a good uni and have an amazing life. But my motivation to study isnt that high. So i was thinking while i meditate, and i say things like "study hard" during my inhale and " and youll succeed" through my exhale, amd trying to think about sudyoying, will my mind be motivated to study more than i usually do?
    Im not sober so i got this idea haha
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    stop drinking and all will fall in to place ;)
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    It's perfectly possible to have an amazing life without studying and going to Uni, but yes, going to Uni and getting qualifications will assist in getting a job in the field you want over and above having no qualifications. ;)

    As Edwin says, it's probably counter productive to do this during your meditation, but certainly as an affirmation (Law of Attraction method) it could be of benefit. You may want to do this after you have meditated while the mind is clear and fresh... repeating it several times to yourself, and then also repeat it a few times more during the daytime, and repeat this process day after day, observing how you feel your motivation changes towards studying.

    Another alternative is to look at the reason why you don't feel motivated to study. What's stopping you? If you can identify this sort of reason then there are techniques and methods that can be used to help release that blockage. ;)



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