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Hi, I'm Stegg

Discussion in 'START HERE: Registration & Introductions' started by Stegg, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Stegg

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    Jan 28, 2008
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    ... real name David, but Stegg to my friends.
    I am a quietly committed Christian with leanings towards Buddhist teachings, but the one thing that eludes me is meditation, hence my enrolment to this community.
    I am presently going through a stressful time as I have links to Kenya, a country which is going through torment at the moment. I share the torment, sitting safely in my home in the UK, but feeling that I should be in Kenya, helping with the refugees and orphans that the troubles are creating.
    I am the UK director of a Kenyan-based NGO, which, being small, has fallen apart during this crisis, as people flee their homes and posts, becoming non-contactable.
    I am arranging to go to Kenya next month, when I hope that the violence will have subsided, although I know that the bad feeling will not have. I pray that, being a European, I will not be the target of any aggression.
    So, I hope that learning how to meditate will help me to see the way ahead more clearly in my mission to help Kenyans (in a small way) to survive their present trauma.

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