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Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by Sang, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Sang

    Sang Guest

    Happy ending, or happy beginning, depending how you look at it.

    I know that a while back, I would have given up anything to help others and make the lives of others better. Take their pain to give them joy. In any situation... in a simple choice in a group of choosing where to sit in a row, to something as giving up food on a camping trip for others.
    Well, some problems came up during my life... a car accident which changed my life by, recreating my mind. Loved friends telling me to grow up and walking out of my life.

    Recently has been the worse situation. A broken engagement between two good friends that I know. An emotional breakdown of my best friend because her sister had an emotional breakdown about the death of her best friend. I would have held on stronger if I did not know the girl who had died, and if she had not said to me that which I could not remember.

    Just now though. I once again tried to meditate. And, I may have. But, I remembered what that girl said to me.
    I know that I told her how I sacrifice myself for others joy and happiness. She told me that I can not do that because it would only cause me pain, and always cause pain to those who care about me. I think now back to this... it makes me happy... not only because it helps me, but because I can now strongly go to my best friend, who I love and trust so much, and have such loyalty to, which is why I would speak of it, and I can tell her this and bring her happiness, while bringing myself happiness... then everything gets complex.
    I can not say whether this happens because of that girl who told this to me, or this meditation which helped me to remember that which I hid in my mind.

    This is joyful to me, I hope it brings someone else joy as well... If this offends anyone then please delete this. I would not want anyone, especially here, to be discomforted or saddened by other problems.

    This is written in my happy mood, or the mood in which I am high on life!

    Thanks sent to Michael.

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