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  1. Danguitar

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    Aug 26, 2014
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    Hi my names dan :).
    I've been meditating and practicing yoga at home for five whole days. But I feel so much better for it. I've been very stressed and use alcohol and cannabis as a way of escaping which is never a good Idea. But since the last five days I'm feeling so much better than I have for months :). And have not had a single drink and only one solid fat night so that is good!
    My meditation I have not done that much research. I have just been focusing on my breath counting along to the clock ticking in for 8 seconds hold for 4 out for 8 hold for 4. Yesterday which is the only day this has happened so far I had a flow of excited yet a very comfortable, happy feeling of energy flow through me. But when it happened I would notice and lose my concentration. But could go right back to it again when I focused back on my breath. Does this mean I'm doing it right?

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