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Gratitude Video

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by Michael Mackenzie, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Here is a gratitude movie for you to enjoy.:

    Have a great weekend, Michael
  2. Imed

    Imed Member

    So beautiful! Thank you so much :)
  3. I feel fit to burst! :) Is this the sensation of a higher frequency...?

    THANK YOU Michael!

    Love to all
  4. annschmech

    annschmech Member

    Here's to adding one more thing to the list: (join me, all, won't you?)

    Living long enough to have wrinkles, because having birthdays is a darn site better than not having them!

    Thanks Michael, what a great reminder going into the weekend....
  5. yogimike

    yogimike Member

    Sorry, But unable to receive video:

    I am a MAC user, Could this be the problem?
  6. `Tired`

    `Tired` Member

    I enjoyed this very much. Filling my mind with positive thoughts and gratitude is a key I hope I never lose. It's also something I am very thankful for. ;)

    Some of the things I take for granted are sometimes the things some people would consider great privilege. I'm not well off by any means but I'm thankful I'm not homeless or hungry because there are some poor spirits that are in that shape. I for one have been guilty of fixating on the negative in order to "try and compensate" for imaginary lack or insignificant ideas/things, when really, it's simply trivial compared to the abundance I have around me and the trials of others around me. Some things may not be material abundance but a sunset or giving something to someone who has a need can be a source of abundance from joy. The feeling of peace I get when I meditate is something I consider priceless. I'm beyond grateful for that.

    If only I can take my focus off of the negative and pan out my mental vision like a camera on a motion picture set and see the big picture then everything becomes clear for me. It really boils down to perspective I think? My perspective is up to me to create, either a negative stance or a positive stance and I've found the positive takes just as much effort as the negative yet it doesn't make me feel like the wrong side of a piece of tissue. I opt for the positive. :)

    You know, some people in townships in Africa have to share restroom facilities among 900 to 1000 people yet they are thankful they have these facilities because it wasn't long ago they didn't even have them. These same people make the best of circumstances most people would find overwhelmingly depressing...and to think there are places and situations worse than this. When I think about that, it really makes that camera eye pan out and give me some perspective. I may have a mental illness but it could be a lot, lot worse. I'm thankful it isn't. :)

    Sorry for the long post but forgiveness and thankfulness are two keys I have found that really set me free. They're priceless in my opinion. It is a scientific fact that bitterness, unforgiveness, anger and other negative emotions release cortisol and other harmful chemicals into our bodies as I'm sure you all know. I don't want any part of that these days. Guess what? I'm thankful for that too! :D ...and for all the awesome people here on the forums!

    Peace and God Bless.
  7. seatrend8899

    seatrend8899 Member


    Tired and Michael,
    Tired, your words and Michael, your video creation/meditation tool (LifeFlow) have meshed to light my path on my journey through the darkened woods.

    thanks to you both very much

    take care all

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2009
  8. chris063

    chris063 Member


    I found the video uplifting and inspiring, thank you Michael for making it and your kindness in sharing it. :):):)
  9. scruffles

    scruffles Member

    michael its just brilliant and so inspiring. thank you so much. I am tearfull now thanks so much
    South Africa
  10. Papa123

    Papa123 New Member


    That was truly what is needed. Thank you
  11. catipuss

    catipuss Member

    Inspirational video

    Thanks for sending this beautiful video;it makes me feel like I am vibrating at a much higher frequency and gives me much more understanding.

  12. harijan

    harijan Member

    True Blue

    True eh!!, it's all too easy to get caught up in the negatives & view life as a mundane affair with so many problems,, when with just a simple shift of focus,,, beauty, joy, love and compassion can be experienced instead,,,we do have a choice,,,it is still such a beautiful world for which I am grateful!!!

    Let the light shine brightly,

    Hari. :):):)
  13. beth

    beth Member

    Thanx a million Michael this is a great video. My family is happier and more confident than ever through doing the gratitude exercise after lifelow. God bless you and your family love and best wishes Beth XX
  14. hajara

    hajara Member

  15. pollyanna

    pollyanna Super Moderator

    Thankyou Michael - I think this video is a great springboard for people who wish to incorporate the gratitude exercise in their lives and I hope it helps many. I think being uninterrupted and watching and listening with headphones gives it a bigger impact - I thoroughly enjoyed it and yes it brought tears to my eyes, peace and joy to you and your family :) :) :)
  16. pollyanna

    pollyanna Super Moderator

    I think this is the important part of aligning your feelings with your thoughts. When you vibrate at these kind of frequencies you attract more of the same into your life (I know this isn't the reason we do it - it is just so good to feel grateful anyway)

    However, notice the next time you feel down or sad or angry etc. and notice how you feel then. When we vibrate at that different frequency we also attract more of that. Next time you feel sad or down, see if you can change your state by watching the video :)

    This is how we can make the best use of our emotional guidance system. Here's to feeling good vibrations, I wish you an abundance of peace and joy :) :) :)
  17. PRRRao

    PRRRao Member

    Gratitude Exercise movie

    Dear Michael M,
    It is superb video and I am grateful to you to forward it to me. Sometimes I wonder how we tend to forget the wonderful life we have in our hectic schedule of everyday. True bliss or happiness can be derived in what we have and not in what we want to have.
    Waiting for some more such URLs
    PRR Rao

  18. aussie

    aussie Member

    Thanks for the video Michael it's a great reminder to do the exercise. When I do the exercise regular I notice the difference :D
  19. `Tired`

    `Tired` Member

    It's a way of life...I ;ove ya all. ​
  20. bashmaki

    bashmaki Member


    I am a very busy individual. I go through emails all to infrequently. As I travel around the country I manage to do what I need to to stay sane; which includes LF. However, tonight I went through some of the old emails and found the link to this. It brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. Thanks for this.


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