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Fun Challenges

Discussion in 'The Law Of Attraction' started by era1213, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. era1213

    era1213 Banned

    There are challenges that we meet everyday. These challenges are made to make us grow, learn, and mature. It is best not to take these challenges too seriously, which is why I call them ‘fun challenges’. I cannot guarantee that once you are able to align your thoughts with your emotions, everything will be as easy as pie, but surely, there is always an ease on things. It will make facing those challenges much easier and fun.

    You can’t expect the road to success to be without bumps. As I’ve said in my previous post, those bumps are there for you to appreciate the smoothness of the road and the scenery. See the challenges that you meet as reminders for you to appreciate the beauty of life. Without them, our lives would be so boring, our alignment with our desires is affected.

    When you are in alignment with your intentions, you will always be able to find a way to make challenges much easier and fun. So instead of worrying yourself out or straining yourself, see those challenges that you meet everyday as ‘fun challenges’ and try to make solving them as fun and as natural as possible.
  2. Magnificant1.com

    Magnificant1.com New Member

    I agree :). Optimism is the key.
  3. ElleJane

    ElleJane New Member

    Opportunities to grow

    I used to look at it as the universe testing me, but I recently read something that made me think that it’s the universe giving me the opportunity to have a new reaction to the experience.

    I slipped up recently, rather than get angry about the wet floor or upset about how I noticed the hard floor contact my body suddenly I thought about how comical it must have looked and laughed about it there and then. When I think back about it, it must have looked like a cartoon, my legs going everywhere.

    I see the fun challenges, like you, as opportunities to grow.
  4. Sotiris

    Sotiris Member

    Optimism as a physical sitution

    I wish, optimism would be a physical situation for me from today.:)
    Lifeflow project helped me too much to reduce my nervousness and
    bad mood. It helped also my optimism. Now I laugh at all. Customers
    in my shop almost never get me out of myself. They are not so serious
    to play with my nerves. I enjoy this.:)

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