Finding a lost object through the alpha level

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    Recently I was searching for a very important note book and I could not find it any where.I became extremely desperate , searched every room of the house.There was a funeral in the house recently, so probably someone removed it from its place.Finally ,I went into the alpha level, and started to ask myself where I kept it or someone else has kept it.I fell asleep and woke within ten minutes with a dream.The dream told me to look for it in a corner of a room where there are things piled up, one on top of the other.I went into that room and saw that corner was clean and empty.I was very surprised.Then when I was coming out of the room I thought of some other place.I looked under the bed of another room.I saw lots of things piled up one on top of the other.I put my hand in to take out any thing.The first object I pulled out was my note book!

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