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Feeling Groggy After Delta?

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by RichP, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. RichP

    RichP Member

    Nov 27, 2008
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    Just used Delta for probably the third time today, and (as before) I've noticed feeling fairly groggy/spaced out afterwards.

    Not surprising since Delta is associated with slow-wave sleep and according to wikipedia it can take up to 30mins for cognitive peformance to return, a phenomenon called "sleep inertia".

    What have your experiences been with Delta? I was thinking perhaps I'd just sit still for 5-10 minutes, and do my daily stretching after, to slowly come back into the world before getting back to work/daily tasks.

  2. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Dec 15, 2007
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    This is never a bad idea :)

    It could also be that with your current level of LF you are more likely to drift into a daydream. When daydreaming, you get that groggy feeling, but when meditating you should try to stay aware.
    I had this with a few levels of LF as well.

    This is why some Zen masters tried to surprise their students by sneaking up on them and hitting them with a stick ( yes they did, really ).
    According to the Zen masters, the students were only meditating correctly when their awareness was up to a point where they could notice the master sneaking, and move out of the way, or defend themselves.
    Or beat the crap out of their master, but I guess that was not an option :rolleyes:

    Happy meditating :)

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