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Discussion in 'Thought For Today' started by olmate, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. olmate

    olmate Member

    When the force of faith is set free in the human person it impels us to experience reality beyond words, images, and ideas. We then discover that the filters of metaphor, however useful and necessary they may be at one level, can also (and need to) be deactivated if faith is to grow.

    To see reality as it is, or at least to free oneself progressively of some of the filters, is a major act of faith. It expresses the trusting face of faith because our attachment to the beliefs and rituals of our tradition (rather than the beliefs and rituals in themselves) become a false and falsifying security. And so, many deeply religious people feel an aversion or antipathy to meditation because it seems to (and indeed does) undermine the secure boundaries that protect our world view and our sense of being superiorly different from others.

    A way of faith, however, is not a dogged adherence to one point of view and to the belief systems and ritual traditions that express it. That would make it just ideology or sectarianism, not faith. Faith is a transformational journey that demands that we move in, through and beyond our frameworks of belief and external observances—not betraying or rejecting them but not being entrapped by their forms of expression either. Faith is thus an open-endedness, from the very beginning of the human journey. Naturally, we need a framework, a system and tradition. [But] if we are stably centered in these, the process of change unfolds and our perspective of truth is continuously enlarged.

    An extract from "Dearest Friends"

  2. Mr Monkey

    Mr Monkey Member

    Thanks, a nice read. I especially liked the above two extracts - to me they suggest that its not any persons framework thats at fault, but the filters that can make them think that their framework is the only one and the 'right' one.
  3. Ramai

    Ramai Member

    Good read. Thank you.

    The question is do we really need a framework, system or tradition or an open mind and heart. We are all different and our uniqueness is nature’s gift to us all. The desire to see beyond the shell is all that is needed.
    A wise man said “ love is the only true common denominator – the glue that heals the wounds of time and salvages and disparate islands of thought, philosophy and religion.”
  4. olmate

    olmate Member

    I guess if we think of "the journey" we often look for points of reference to guage progress and our proximity on the path. What struck a chord for me when reading this passage, is the importance of faith (and courage) to continue the journey into the cloud of unknowing and being prepared to let go of what we perceive as "reality" at any point in that journey.

    Personally I often struggled with the sweeping instructions to just let go. It seems to me I might be a "ladder" type of guy who likes to have a hold of the next rung before stepping off the one before.

    My sense is that many religions and faiths get a bad wrap not so much for the teachings from the original masters, but the day to day power plays and guilt trips some like to peddle as their sure path to .... well where ever that they suggest you end up.

    The challenge for me is my love of the journey. That clearly is a concept earmarked for release at some stage. Faith...


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