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EFT, anyone?

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by csrpj, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. csrpj

    csrpj Member

    anybody do this with success?

    i've heard so much positive about it, but everyone i try it it doesn't work... i wonder if i'm doing it wrong, or if it simply doesn't work for my body.
  2. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    Hi csrpj,

    Yes, I've done EFT successfully on myself (completely got rid of my spider phobia and other things), and also as a practitioner I've treated other people too.

    One thing with EFT is that it's easier to do if you've got an experienced practitioner assisting you if you're new to it (or sometimes even when you're not new to it) as they can pick up on things you're talking about that you may miss, or help you to use the right wording (it's important to be specific about what you're treating and ensure you tackle one thing completely before moving onto another). Even as a practitioner, it can be hard to treat myself and it's easier if I visit a friend of mine who's also a practitioner and let her work on me.

    Certainly, advice can be offered if you are willing to share your issue online, so the right wording can be got for you. This can not only help you but can help others who want to help themselves. This is something I've done for people who've contacted me via my website/email (freely I may add, as I don't believe people should be held back from healing themselves, I've only ever charged for in-person treatments or home visits - however I'm not currently practicing as I've a lot of other things on, but I've always time for emails), providing they don't expect immediate responses (I have a day job to do too :D)

    I know there are others on here with experience of EFT who would also be able to offer you advise and guide you should you wish to share it on the forums.


  3. csrpj

    csrpj Member


    thanks so much for offering help, giles.

    i've tried EFT with many different affirmations and angles, but i keep coming back to square one.

    the problem i'm dealing with is social anxiety. if i go to a party sober, i get extremely uncomfortable. that's one example, but it doesn't have to be a party - in a classroom, on the street, whatever. it's especially prevalent with women i'm attracted to, but with women i'm not attracted to as well or men i want to be friends with.

    i'm actually extremely extroverted, in the sense that i gain a lot of life-energy from connecting with others, but i have a huge fear of intimacy or just with social interactions. sometimes i can get myself feeling pretty good in life and all, but when i think it's all good and i enter a social context, it all plummets down.

    anyway, this is the issue i have in mind. i'm attracted to EFT b/c in seems so simple and quick, and so many rave about it's benefits. but i'm not sure it can work for me, but if it can, i'm willing to try different ways of doing it. (i'm pretty much willing to try anything at this point - anything.... )

    anything else i can add to help you help me help me? :)
  4. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    Ok, that's a good starter...

    So, what is your earliest memory of feeling this Social Anxiety? What was the situation? how old were you?

    If you can run through the event from the point before you felt the anxiety to the point you started feeling it, describing it like you were watching a movie, in as much detail as possible. That will help to give you a phrase to tap on.

    e.g. "When I was 6 at school and the teacher, Mrs Jones, gave us all a reading book and then we all followed while she was reading it, but then she asked me to stand up in front of the whole class and read from the reading book and everyone was looking at me"

    This would give you a phrase like "Even though, The whole class looking at me when I was 6 and asked to read, I'm OK" (you can use the standard "I fully and completely accept myself" phrase if you like, but a lot of people find saying "I'm OK" or "I choose to be OK" works just as well)

    It's important to consider your earliest memory of feeling the issue, try and put it in detailed words (but not too many), and create the phrase in your own words, how you "feel" about it, not how someone else has described your issue for you. As practitioners we learn (or we should, I've come across some who don't) that it's important not to put words into the clients mouth; the issue needs to be in their own words because that's how they percieve it.




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