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Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by sliccy, May 28, 2009.

  1. sliccy

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    Has anyone heard about the Disclosure Project? The founder Steven Greer is the founder of it along with UFO, and free energy organizations.

    He wrote a book "Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge" in it he talks about how he can make contact with ET's/Highly Evolved Beings. He uses meditation and prayer to make contact. I have done a couple day research before I decided to post here and ask the Project Meditation community if they had any input regarding this.

    Any comments or input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. seatrend8899

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    Other Forums???

    Hi Andy,
    My thoughts are that Project Meditation is a forum that was created for people to learn meditation in a pursuit of a better balance in their day to day life. It just seems that there does exist many other forums online that explore the areas that you are referring to.

    Maybe I'm "way wrong".........it has happened before :eek:.

    just a thought

    shine on

  3. oneflewover

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    Hi Andy

    I guess the aim of Project-Meditation is to contact our very own ' Highly Evolved Being.' Not that many light years away. ;)

  4. Grey

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    i agree. ufo and related subjects are a particular interest of mine but i enjoy this community because it focuses on meditation for self development and for practical results. many other sites extend into very speculative areas that try to link meditation with E.T. contact. they have discussion boards dedicated to that purpose. unknowncountry.com is such a place run by Whitley Strieber.
  5. sliccy

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    I understand.

    Thank you for the link Grey, I will check it out.


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