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Convert an MP3 track to play on a CD Player?

Discussion in 'Having Problems?' started by Bhavya, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Bhavya

    Bhavya Member

    I thought I read somewhere that it's possible to put these tracks on a CD and play it through a regular stereo. If it is, how do I do it? I wanted to try the Lifeflow w/o headphones and also the one on creativity.
  2. Tech Support

    Tech Support Administrator

    Hi Bhavya,

    The easiest way (if you are on a windows machine) is to use windown media player.

    Find the track you wish to burn onto cd and on the menu on the left there should be a link that says "Burn to CD" when you have clicked this the track will be in media player and ready to burn.

    Here is a video that shows how to burn LifeFlow 10 and the gratatude music onto cd. It shows a bit more than you need because there is multiple tracks but in essence its the same without the extra bits.

    How To Burn LifeFlow® And Gratitude Music To CD

    Hope this helps
  3. sallymoto

    sallymoto Member

    Can I please have help with a mac going from Mp3 to CD?

    The help given for a windows user was A plus:)
    I have a mac and have wasted quite a few blank CDs trying to record Lifeflow 10, optimal learning and creative flow. My frustration at not understanding computers is huge. I can't wait to get this meditation in a form I can use because I think I need it even more than ever now!! :eek:
    Please, can someone guide me to record my downloaded Mp3 to regular CD so I can play it in my stereo?
  4. Tech Support

    Tech Support Administrator

    Hi Sally,

    You can use Itunes to burn a disc on a mac.

    First you will need to import the LifeFlow track into iTues using "Add file to Library" in the file menu.

    Create a Playlist

    Baisicly once you have a playlist with LifeFlow in you will have the option to burn to disc.

    Below is from apples website and i think its straight forward enough but if not let me know.

    Burning an Audio CD Using iTunes
    1) Tell iTunes That You Want an Audio CD
    Open iTunes and from the iTunes menu, choose Preferences. Click Advanced in the resulting dialog and then click the Burning tab. Next to Disc Format, select Audio CD and then click OK.

    2) Create a New Playlist of Songs
    From the File menu, choose New Playlist. Type a name for your playlist in the Source list (this will become your CD's name), and then drag songs from your library to your new playlist. To change the song order, select your playlist and just drag and drop songs in the order you want.

    3) Burn Your Disc
    With your playlist selected, click the Burn Disc icon in the upper-right corner of the window. Then simply insert a blank, recordable CD into your disc drive to start burning it.

    Disc Burning Quick Assist

    Tech Support
  5. Bhavya

    Bhavya Member

    Thanks for the Info

    :):)Thanks! I just got around to burning the CD and it was so easy!
  6. Aitch

    Aitch Member

    Help please

    I am just trying to download the freebies and they have gone to compressed files which won't open nor can I burn them to CD nor are do they like my MP# player help please all the way from OZ..

  7. Tech Support

    Tech Support Administrator

    Hi Aitch,

    Are able to unzip the folders?

    Are you getting any error messages?

    Are you using Mac or Windows?


    Tech Support
  8. kjbill

    kjbill Member

    I was able to do it on my MAC computer just by using the the MAC OS standard way of burning CD's. Just put a blank CD in your drive. The open FINDER will open. Copy the files of the open finder folder and then click on the BURN icon.

    I hope this helps!
  9. Tech Support

    Tech Support Administrator

    Thanks kjbill,

    I dont get to play on a mac very often (However ,I am considering getting one as they are far more stylish than windows in my opinion :) ), glad you could offer an alternative.


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