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Commercial business?

Discussion in 'START HERE: Registration & Introductions' started by Blue Rose, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Blue Rose

    Blue Rose Member

    Aug 29, 2013
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    I have been listening your free demo. It is relaxing, yes. Now I wonder how it does differ from the ones which are not available free? There is so much business in the web nowadays, where you are promised to get something free. But when you get it, they say: If you want to proceed, you have to pay ... And there have been cases, when the "free stuff" has been nothing but advertising the courses you should buy to get the secret which opens the doors of Heaven... Those kind of tricks makes me feel sick.
    I have ordered free demo CD from Centerpoint. It lasted over three weeks to come to my country, accross the Atlantic Sea. I listened it few minutes, and there was a man,s voice speaking over the other sounds, explaining holosync...
    Just advertising? And there seems to be a circle of salesmans in USA, who are advertising each others, their products and seminars, and there is an endless stream of e-mails, praising each other.
    This all makes me feel like a victim of greedy salesman, so I am a little bit suspicious towards all stuff saled in web in order to help people,s growth. And some of them says direct, very proudly indeed, that they have a secret weapon, which has made them rich, and that,s why you should buy their secret weapon. And it makes me think that they have become millionairs just selling people empty promises. Like: "I show how you can make all your dreams come true!"
    So, could you please tell me, why you allow me listen your free stuff, if it is not good enough, but I should continue by buying more?
    And, the prices are allways in dollars. Is Your company american? Here in Europe we use euros, and it would be nice to know how much your prices are in euros? Everybody do not live in America...
    I apologize, if this letter is a little bit critical... Thank you for listening me :confused: Blue Rose

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