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Can You Teleport Consciousness?

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by Mr Monkey, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Mr Monkey

    Mr Monkey Member


    I've been pondering something over the last few days and think the reason a solution/explanation is eluding me is a lack of understanding of consciousness on my part, so I thought I'd post it as I'd like to see what other peoples thoughts were. My assumptions/understandings at the moment are that consciousness, mind and body are 3 separate things but with only mind and body being dependant on the physical body. Also that consciousness is that through which we perceive our thoughts, feelings, touch, taste etc.

    Now on to the ponderings…. which are admittedly based on a somewhat shaky understanding of teleportation, gleaned from watching a couple of Star Trek episodes and the film ‘The Fly’……….

    If I was teleported from point A to point B my body/mind would be taken apart at point A, transported, and then recombined at point B. Would my consciousness have followed my body/mind to point B? Would I be able to perceive and see with the recombined eyes, touch with the fingers, watch thoughts etc? Or as the body has been taken apart as a living system (so it’s technically dead) consciousness would leave the body (as per death)? If so what would perceive (sight, touch, watch thought etc) in the recombined body (as 'my' consciousness would have left)? If you thought consciousness would follow the body from A to B please take a look at the upgraded teleport, the teleport deluxe.

    Teleport Deluxe (Gold trim and cushioned seat :D)
    The teleport deluxe could not only transport things from point A to point B but could clone, so you could go from point A to point B and point C. Again the body is taken apart at point A and then reformed, but this time at both point B and point C. Now if previously consciousness followed from point A to B what happens now? As to logically follow my consciousness would have been cloned to be both at point B and point C, which is surely an impossibility.

  2. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Of course this is all very "what if"...

    Everything is conciousness.
    Everything appears in, and disappears in conciousness.
    The fact that we are able to percieve all this is is because our sensory perceptions and brain exist and operate within consciousness.

    Moving the body about within consciousness would not change that I think.
    Of course, who knows...:p

    Teleportation deluxe:
    Interesting thought. Let's zoom in a bit...
    That would make 2 identical people. Two people with the same DNA.
    There allready are people on this earth that have identical DNA. They are called Identical Twins.

    I think that our lives are formed by reacting to our surroundings.
    Even tho there would be 2 perfectly identical clones of you, they can form their own personality.
    However, when zooming out, everything is happening within consciousness.

    Essentially, what you are talking about is moving the furniture around in the room, thinking that the room will change ;)
  3. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    Hi Mr Monkey (I'm still watching the series and only 1 episode left out of the 52 ;))

    What a damn good thread subject. :rolleyes:

    I think it depends on your definition of consciousness. I would say that there are actually 3 main types of consciousness. The conscious mind, the unconscious mind, and the "One" consciousness. The perception of thoughts, feelings, touch, taste etc. come through the physical and mental senses and initially pass into the unconscious mind (our senses detect thousands of things every second), and then a few of those things will pass through to the conscious mind (the things we focus on or have a need to be interested in as 'highlighted' by our unconscious). These things are all naturally a part of the One consciousness as they come from One consciousness and remain in One consciousness at all times; nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, they just come into our perception.

    LOL!, well there's only a small amount of scientific evidence of being able to teleport things in 'reality' and that is based on quantum particles, so everything is going to be theoretical and any shaky understanding is as good as any other in that case. ;)

    If the body/mind is transported then the senses would of course be the same (i.e. the memories, physical senses, synapses of the brain etc. are all transported), and because everything is coming from the One consciousness, which is essentially all of the energy of the universe (i.e. it's everywhere), then this transcends time and space and will exist wherever the physical/mind is. In itself, it doesn't need to transport as it exists everywhere already. To believe that the One consciousness (the True Self if you like) would leave the body, would be to look at the One consciousness as something seperate and thus is getting influenced by the mind into believing the Dualistic concept of the universe, which does not fit with the concept of One consciousness and therefore cannot in itself be true.

    No reason why the physical body and mind/brain along with it's perception senses could not be recreated in more than one place, if the construction of matter is built from the building blocks of energy based on the effective 'blueprint' that was taken from the deconstruction of the original form. A bit like deconstructing a building and rebuilding a new one based on the original design, where more than one of the same could be built. In such a case once the new forms have been created they would be receiving perceptions from their own places in space/time and from that point on be perceiving things in their own way but with the same historic memories and mind patterns. As for the One consciousness, that would be identical for both as it exists everywhere.

    Well, that's my take on it. :D


  4. olmate

    olmate Member

    Hi Mr Monkey,

    A couple of contexts may be relevant:

    1. Current technology allows us to be in different geographic places now - like this forum, video conferencing and even the telephone. So in that sense, it depends on the definition of teleport and consciousness.

    2. It also raises interesting questions about "being present". Presence within the colective consciousness automatically allows us to be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. I guess there is a specific challenge here to think outside of the physical form we are so attracted to. Perhaps within these contexts, the body is actually excess baggage? Maybe it could be akin to taking your tent into a hotel room with you - not realy necessary, so it is best to leave it behind.

    So thinking outside of the "default mode" of physicality, an incredible panorama of possibilities arises like creating, manifesting, evolving consciousness, etc., etc. Personally, I like the work of Dr David R Hawkins. He developed a continuum of consciousness ranging through the following levels: Shame, Guilt, Apathy and Hatred, Greif, Fear, Desire, Anger, Pride, Courage, Neutrality, Willingness, Acceptance, Reason, Love, Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace and Enlightenment. If you sit and feel the energy in each of these levels it starts out very weak and gets increasingly stronger the further up the levles of consciousness one transcends.

    So within the context of this interpretation of consciousness, the teleporting between the differing levels would provide a God view of being. Perhaps if the term "God" is offensive to some, the word "Universal" may be a better substitute. As an aside, language often seems inadequate when trying to describe these concepts. But as my Teacher consistently is able to demonstrate to me, when I choose to seek understanding beyond my physical senses, a whole new panorama opens before us.

    Facinating territory to contemplate...

    Nothing but the best...

    Last edited: Aug 22, 2010
  5. Teckniec

    Teckniec Member

    I've heard of yogis in India who could be in two places at once and actually be doing two separate things with those entities. Everything is energy and they could see through their so called physical exterior. So technically if this is true they can teleport their consciousness and project (probably through someones third eye) an image of them selves as if they are there, their physical body stays but their consciousness can go anywhere. I also heard of them being able to see their body as weightless, frictionless light-energy. Of course I've never seen nor experienced any of this so its all u in the air.
  6. Mr Monkey

    Mr Monkey Member


    Thanks for all the responses, very interesting reading for me. I appreciate it was a little unconventional but it certainly helped be uncover a couple of blind spots in my understanding, the following hit the nail on the head:

    Even though I've read (and watched/listened to) a fair amount on this subject, I was thinking that I had my own consciousness. As you both reminded me, there is only one consciousness which (in the teleport analogy) my physical form and mind would have been moved within. Also while I was reading you replies I realised the amount of disproportionate weight I was giving to 'consciousness' being something related to visual experiences. Maybe this one is just something quirky with me, but it’s something I wasn't aware of before.

    I have to doff my cap to someone so well schooled in the ways of Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy! Its been a fair while since I have seen an episode and I can't claim to have seen the whole series :eek: Although I have noticed that the series is at a good price on Amazon so may well be investing myself in the not too distant future. In light of this I feel my icon is currently somewhat fraudulent ;), so for the time being I've parked the pink cloud and my profile has been updated accordingly :D.

    Once again, thanks guys - very help stuff :).

    Cheers, Paul
  7. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    It's a common misconception of mankind. Those of us who have come to understand the 'truth' (if you wish to call it that) still have to keep reminding ourselves of it from time to time as we all get caught up in the day to day things that distract us from it. ;)

    Well, all episodes now watched. It's a shame the TV series never completed the actually story, but it's good to have watched the 13 episodes never screened on UK tv before too. Anyhow, I'm also reading the book (Journey to the West, which is a little more comprehensive, at least the version I'm reading is as it's the translated Chinese version (nearly 2400 pages) Journey to the West: Amazon.co.uk: Cheng'en Wu, W.J.F. Jenner: Books) and I'm on chapter 70 odd of 100. Loving it! :D

    Awww, shame, I liked seeing you as Monkey. Nothing fraudulent about that.


  8. Mr Monkey

    Mr Monkey Member

    Wow, never realised it was based on a book – that looks excellent, many thanks for the steer. I also noticed the Water Margin in book form although the write up wasn’t that good :(.I think I’m even looking more forward to the book than the Monkey box set – Wooo hooo! Happy days :).

    Once the book is completed I’ll revert to type, but for now I’ll just be the happy hairy fella :D
  9. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    Ah, yes the Water Margin was based on "Outlaws of the Marsh". I've got the books, but yet to read them. My other half started to read them but found it was a bit too much power and warfare for her liking. :)

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