Body-focused arts and LF

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by kaizhuang, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. kaizhuang

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    Has anybody tried to practice a body-focused art (yoga/taichi) with LF?

    I'm wondering what the result would be, especially if you handle alpha range quiet well to start with.

    I practice Yiquan and Systema (both martial arts in similar veins of taichi), and having done a lot of imagery & sub-conscious communication work, i seem to stay awake in alpha (LF10 at least) fairly well. Wondering if people tried it.


  2. KeithP

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    Hello Kai,
    I also practice Tai Chi but have not considered the use of Lifeflow for anything other than sitting meditation.
    As you do Yiquan it may be possible to listen as you perform your standing practices and I would be interested to hear of your results.
    So far as listening whilst performing moving practices, especially those of a martial arts nature, I have some doubts.
    If you do have a go then please keep us informed of your experiences.
    Good luck and best wishes,

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