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Body-focused arts and LF

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by kaizhuang, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. kaizhuang

    kaizhuang Member

    Oct 1, 2009
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    Does any practice any body-centered arts (taichi, yoga) with LF?

    I'm curious about the results if anyone has done it. I practice Yiquan and Systema (similar in veins of Taichi) and just purchase LF10. These arts has done some dramatic releasing work for me and I'm wondering what the result would be combining them with LF.

    Please share your experiences / educated guesses :)
  2. bashmaki

    bashmaki Member

    Jul 22, 2008
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    Body arts & LifeFlow


    I am unfamiliar with the particular art you speak of but am a Taekwondo practitioner and more recently a practitioner of Yoga. I don't know all the particulars of why this is so but they seem to compliment each other. I think it is as simple as just striving to be as well rounded in our human experience as possible. It could be running or bicycling or most anything physical.

    We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. It is hard to have a physical experience without being physical. I hate to state the obvious but it seems, in the USA anyway, that people would rather be entertained than do anything physical. We are experiencing an epidemic of obesity here as I type this.

    If I break my life experience down into sections I have meditation which supplies me with some spiritual, some emotional as well as mental exercise. Some of this comes from my association with others in Yoga class as well. What I benefit mostly from yoga is solid relationship with the body that I perceive to inhabit during my experience.

    Through yoga I've grown to appreciate the body I have to a degree I cannot readily explain in words. I know LF has enhanced this relationship as well. I feel I can relate to the different parts of my body in ways I never thought possible before. (for clarification I am in my 50's) At my age this is like revolutionary for me. My body has limitations as well as most every body does. I've learned to understand these limitations and learned to work with them instead of hiding, denying or rationalizing them.

    There are things I can do that others cannot do that are half my age because of the development of my mind and its relationship to the body. But make no mistake; there are things youth can do that I cannot. The huge difference is I am VERY accepting of that and understand the entire meaning of it.

    Most of all, I've learned to love this body with all its foibles. When I walk onto the mat I arrive fully aware of the knee that was injured during a sparring tournament years ago. I am aware that I will not hear most of what the instructor is telling us because my hearing is nearly half gone from a life of listening to loud machinery. However, I can still breath deeply and stretch with more grace and poise than many my age.

    I know that this is so because I come to the mat with a mind that is focused, clear and balanced. For this I owe LifeFlow a bow of gratitude. I bring nothing with me except my will to be in the present moment.


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