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binaural beats and tinnitus

Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by headless hoppo, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. this topic has been discussed before on this forum.but,the focus being,'can i use brain entrainment with tinnitus effectively?'not,'does brain entrainment cause tinnitus?' after searching various forums regarding brain entrainment,im now convinced it can cause tinnitus (as it has in me).i would say it is the binaural beats in the tracks,as when i listen to it over speakers(where the binaural beats are not effecting)i have almost no tinnitus.when i start with headphones again it becomes loud again.i should mabye point out this tinnitus is constant,not just when i listen to the tracks.life flow only seems to have an effect for me over headphones,so you can see my dilemma.the life flow is very important to me.its not something i want to turn my back on.but ,also i dont want to risk my health.if i knew this change in my hearing wasnt permanent,i wouldnt worry about it.but,its the thought that im doing damage.some believe the tinnitus sound is produced in the brain.not by the ear and then interpreted by the brain.brain entrainment is powerful stuff.when i first started listening i had a few pains in my head,which i was told was normal,as your mind is programmed.mabye the whistling i hear is just an extension of that? another idea.as far as im aware the ear operates at a certain frequency.if the life flow tracks operate at a certain frequency,mabye this just changes the frequency slightly in the ear.i can live with most of the above.what i cant live with,is knowing the beats in the tracks are causing any permanent damage.i would like to hear from anyone with similar experiences,or anyone who might have any idea of the lasting effects for someone in my position.just to add,i listen to the tracks at a very low volume.thanks for taking the time to read this.
  2. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    The only way that entrainment can cause damage to your ears is when you play it WAAAAAY too loud.
    It should be played at a comfortable level, or even below that.

    Brain entrainment is nothing more than a slight difference in frequency of tones.

    Frequency means height of tones. The higher the tone, the higher the frequency of soundwaves.
    If this would cause tinnitus, everybody would get it from daily life allready.
    If for instance an ambulance comes rushing by, the sound is compressed by the speed of the ambulance relative to your ears. As soon as it passes, the sound seems to be lower, because now the soundwaves are stretched ( Doppler effect )
    So, if the ambulance passes you by from left to right, there allready is a slight difference between the left and right ear in frequency as the ambulance rushes by. This is not harmful to the ear in any way.

    It's not frequency that can cause harm, it's volume. If the volume is too high, the hair cells (stereocilia) in the cochlea ( the part of your inner ear that is responsible for hearing ) move so violently, that they are permanently damaged. This will result in loss of hearing, and this is permanent. The problem with tinnitus is that these hair cells are damaged, and thus constantly tell the brain that they hear a sound. Usually this is like a ringing kind of sound, which is what tinnitus means in latin.

    This is not the only cause of tinnitus, but it is the most common.
    In my opinion, playing it too loud is the only way to get tinnitus from LifeFlow.

    Hope it helps !
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2010
  3. grl2kl4skl

    grl2kl4skl Member

    For me it completly cured my tinnitus - I used to get them at least twice a day, and sometimes they were so loud that I would wake up terrefied in the middle of the night.But since day 1 with LF, it's completely gone.
    You really shouldnt play it too loud, Im sure the effect wont diminish :)
    I hope you fell a lot better and I wish you the best of health!
  4. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    No offence HH, but if you truly believe that you can get tinnitus from binaural beats then you are also saying that you can get tinnitus from listening to music using headphones too, whether that's loud rock/pop type music or classical music.

    I think Edwin's information is most useful and succinctly explains why tinnitus wouldn't be caused by binaural beats.

    Could it perhaps be that your headphones are causing pressure on your ears or some such thing?


  5. Midnight

    Midnight Member

    It could possibly be a placebo effect too. If you strongly believe it, then your brain makes it so.
  6. Itlandm

    Itlandm Member

    The original poster is partly right. Tinnitus is not usually created in the brain, but it is edited out in the brain. Abnormal signals from the inner ear are quite common as we grow older, and can also be caused by exposure to loud sounds or by various illnesses. These aberrant signals are usually edited out deep in the brain, actually the suppression begins already in the brain stem. In some unlucky individuals, this does not work, or the signals are even amplified. When they are not edited out, they are often further amplified in the limbic system, depending on subconscious processes. A person's emotions and personality plays a great role in how much tinnitus is perceived even when it is audible.

    Binaural beats are combined in the olivary nucleus near the top of the brain stem. It is plausible that this may interfere with the processing of the tinnitus in some individuals, either making it stronger or weaker. This does not imply any actual damage to the ear (or the brain!) though.

    Another factor is that meditation with or without brainwave entrainment will cause awareness to increase over time. This includes awareness of tinnitus or indeed physical pain anywhere in the body. However, over time it should also make it easier to accept these conditions, as the awareness becomes deeper and sees through the temporary conditions of the body and mind.

    In the end, this is something one must decide for oneself. But playing binaural beats softly over a headphone does not actually damage ears nor brains. It is no more dangerous than a casual conversation with a family member in that regard. (And definitely less dangerous than conversations with teenagers...)
  7. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    I think that goes for just about anything :p

    Thanks for that addition Itlandm, very interesting stuff ! I didn't know it works like that in the brain. I only talked about the "hardware" of the ear, and you covered the "software" part.
  8. thank you all for your wisdom and knowledge! i didnt think i was going to feel better about this,but now i do :D.i can continue my practise with peace of mind :)

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