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Being Yourself - Eckhart Tolle

Discussion in 'Eckhart Tolle' started by Michael Mackenzie, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. If you haven't heard of Eckhart Tolle, you'll love the way he easily explains about the inner peace and endless benefits of living in the present moment which you can so easily achieve with regular LifeFlow meditation.

    Michael :)

    Meditating with LifeFlow is the fastest and easiest way to live in and enjoy the Power of Now! For your Free LifeFlow demo click here
  2. phaedrus56

    phaedrus56 Member

    As a new subscriber to Life Flow I must say how effective I have found it in the first few days of use. As a therapist I read Eckhart Tolle`s book "The Power of Now" a few years ago, and recommend it to my clients, so to find a meditative technique such as Life Flow which helps you to stay in the present moment is a real bonus. :)
  3. pollyanna

    pollyanna Super Moderator

  4. phaedrus56

    phaedrus56 Member

    Thanks Pollyanna, I will check out the link as suggested:)
  5. Panthau

    Panthau Member

    I wish there would be more therapists, that know about the power of meditation. :) :)

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