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Beginner meditater, strange experience

Discussion in 'START HERE: Registration & Introductions' started by purpleindica65, May 16, 2010.

  1. purpleindica65

    purpleindica65 New Member

    May 16, 2010
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    Hi all,
    Im not a real good meditater. I'm 17 and started try meditation to get rid of stress and anxiety. Im not even positive if i mediate right lol.Im not sure if my experience was normal but ill try to explain it as best as i can. Usually when i meditate, i get in a good comfortable position put on some relaxing sounds and focus on my breathing but i always get irritated because im either fidgeting too much or too many thoughts are going through my head and i end up stopping. Ive prolly only tried meditating a total of 6 times but never had anything too crazy happen, but after a while i did start to see that everytime i closed my eyes i could see these eyes almost looking back at me and ive never realized them before until recently. But early this morning i woke up and decided to just lay down on my bed and try and focus on the eyes and then before i knew it a bright white light engulfed my eye sight and after that it was like i was seeing stars but then everything started to spin as if i was looking at my white ceiling (it all happened so quickly) and i was get pulled into darkness while everything was spinning, it was a feeling i never felt before. I felt like panicking but i knew that i couldnt die form it so i just relaxed and told myself to go with it. it was as if i could actually feel the wind flow past me as i was falling.(now the next part sounds a little dreamy but it was like no dream i experienced before i could actually think what i wanted to think about as if i was there experienceing it)So after what felt like a minute of falling and spinning,i suddenly stopped falling and was laying on something that looked like a black sofa but it was still spinning. So i looked to see where i was spinning at and it def. looked like my grandparents house(lol yes it was weird). So i kept going with the spinning for what seemd like another 30 secs until i realized that the thing i was spinning on was going to run into a table with glass so somehow i got to the side it seemed like and stopped it from spinning but it still wanted to spin so i pushed it one last time and then i came back to my bedroom still laying there in the same position. I was just shocked with what just happened cuz i never realized meditation was like that.So still confused as to what just happened i came here to get some answers to if thats a normal meditation experience. If so ill def. become a daily meditater because it was a wild feeling that i cant explain. Also any tips for a better meditation experience would be appreciated.
    Thanx Everyone

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