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All It Takes

Discussion in 'Thought For Today' started by olmate, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Jan 13, 2010
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    Every great spiritual tradition has known that in profound stillness the human spirit begins to be aware of its own Source.

    This interior contact with the Life Source is vital for us, because without it we can hardly begin to suspect the potential that our life has for us. The potential is that we should grow, that we should mature, that we should come to fullness of life, fullness of love, fullness of wisdom.

    The knowledge of that potential is of supreme importance for each of us. In other words, what each of us has to do and what each of us is invited to do is begin to understand the mystery of our own being as the mystery of life itself.

    And all it takes is to sit in stillness and silence and say our mantra each day.


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