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Alcohol and meditation...complete negation of benefits?

Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by lilmare4, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. lilmare4

    lilmare4 Member

    I found a post earlier about the rules to meditate by (which are in Michael's instructions with the introduction to meditation CDs). One is no alcohol or non-prescription drugs within a 24 hour period of meditation. While I do understand the real need to be fully present and in an "unaltered" state of mind, what does the alcoholic do? Is there then no hope for benefit to them at all? I'm not talking about someone who is "wasted" but who has had a glass or two of wine or beer. I have a friend I would like to get into meditation, but if I tell him that he can't have any alcohol within a 24 hour period, it will put the kabosh on the entire endeavor. Perhaps some will answer "choose what is more important", but alcoholism is a disease that is not so easily "put aside". The alcoholic almost always knows the behavior isn't optimal or healthy but also feels powerless against the pull.

    I have read that meditation (especially brainwave entrainment) actually helps alleviate addictive behaviors. To have to be free of them in order to meditate is rather like putting the cart before the horse for some...it can't be done.

    I am hoping Michael will see this posting and comment, although there are clearly many other very informed people here who also may offer valuable insight or advice.

    Thank you all for your advice and guidance.

  2. roaldgold

    roaldgold Member

    I also had questions about this earlier. When I first started meditating, I would still drink on most weekends and occasionally on weekdays. I never had a problem, but it was a costly habit that certainly wasn't benefiting me in any way. After a month of meditating I purchased Lifeflow, and it was then that I decided to cut out all alcohol except for one glass of wine with dinner. I keep the wine simply for the numerous health benefits a 5-6 ounce daily serving offers. Personally it was fairly easy to give up drinking to experience the full benefits of Lifeflow meditations. However, I also have friends I have encouraged to meditate that are usual drinkers. While I understand that alcohol can limit the benefits from meditating, I believe there is still much to gain no matter what you care to indulge in. So I would still encourage your friend to try and meditate, but preferably before consuming the night's alcohol. I think this is a great testament to how powerful Lifeflow is. It has already ended a years-long habit for me and it has the ability to do that and much more for many others. :)
  3. lilmare4

    lilmare4 Member

    Thanks very much for your answer! I actually DID see your initial question, but had navigated away and then couldn't find where it was and therefore couldn't refer to it in my quest for an answer.

    I'm looking forward to introducing my friend to meditation and continuing in my own endeavors, which are quite new. I have my own addictive behaviors which I hope to leave along the way....

  4. pollyanna

    pollyanna Super Moderator

    Hi Lauren, I believe roaldgold has given you great advise and I know Michael would agree. The instructions are recommended to help people achieve optimal benefits. I've read a post a while ago about someone who stopped drinking after meditating with Lifeflow. If I remember or can find it I will let you know. I wish you and your friends an abundance of joy and inner peace through meditation :) :) :)
  5. salam32

    salam32 Member

    Actually, new data show that health benefits ascribed to alcohol are greatly exaggerated. The only benefit I ever found was taking half a glass of whiskey when I had bad stomach when travelling in India. I thought it was better than antibiotics.
  6. Grey

    Grey Member

    alcohol never was beneficial

    not such new research. studies long ago discovered alcohol in wine is not what confers health benefits. polyphenols do the work, the most important (so far documented) being resveratrol, and the most bio-available form of that being trans-resveratrol. alcohol; any alcohol, depresses the nervous system. that is why drinking to "drown your sorrows" is bad. you are already depressed and alcohol depresses you more. meditation tones up and sharpens nervous system function. alcohol dulls it. that is how drinking decreases the benefits of meditation. but if i had any dependence on alcohol at all i would still practice meditation with the hope it would help me overcome that dependence. any benefit at all is still benefit, and maybe by making baby steps i will eventually make enough progress that i no longer feel the need for the alcohol.
  7. pollyanna

    pollyanna Super Moderator

    Found the post for you Lauren

    Hi Lauren, found the post for you. I hope it inspires you're friend and anyone else.

    "Thanx it's great to read glowing reports about michael and lifeflow cos I believe he's saved my life. I have stuck to the fast track since january and because of the changes it has made it has been very easy for me to do. I hardly ever drink alcohol anymore cos I dont feel the need and if I do I have learnt to observe how I feel and the urge seems to go. My house is smokefree and instead of smoking 20/30 a day I smoke about 5 a week. All my family are happier and my hubbie Eddie is really proud of me. Thanx to Michael and lifeflow i'm on cloud 9. Thanx again from a very grateful and happy beth. x:D x"

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