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Affiliate program

Discussion in 'Your Suggestions' started by newyorker, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. newyorker

    newyorker Member

    Hi Michael,
    As you know, I am totally impressed with your products and support. Wondered if you ever considered an affiliate program? Have searched your site and cannot find one. It could be a great way to promote Lifeflow and help others make money :D
  2. UltiMind

    UltiMind Member

    Hi newyorker,

    Michael has been working on an affiliate program for a while now.
    I was put on a notification list for it but have not heard anything.

    Rest assured that one is coming very soon.

  3. jodie

    jodie Super Moderator


    I can confirm that we are working on the affiliates program at the moment.

    This will be great and will kind of make up for the karma credits system that used to be in place previously.

    It will enable everyone to be able to afford to use the LifeFlow system as before by simply sharing project meditation with others.

  4. It's coming soon!

    We are working on this right now.

    It should launch at the end of October 2008.

    Thanks for your patience, Michael
  5. UltiMind

    UltiMind Member

    This is great news Michael, looking forward to being your affiliate!
  6. Jeb

    Jeb Member

    Great News

    This is great news, Michael. I look forward to participating!
  7. Testing phase

    We are running the final tests on the program now.

    Hopefully we will be up an running in the second/third week of November.

    Thanks for your patience. :D

  8. Telar

    Telar Member

    I´m in the boat :)

    I´m on lifeflow 6 right now and I realy can say for this kind of programm I happely become an Affiliate
  9. northener

    northener Member

    How goes the affiliate system? Is it up and running? Looking forward to it.
  10. BETA Testing

    We will be accepting BETA testers sometime next week.

    If you are interested in taking part, all the information you will need will be posted in this thread.

    Michael :)
  11. bashmaki

    bashmaki Member

    OK, Chief!!
  12. AntonHansen

    AntonHansen Member

    thanks a lot Micheal for all the great work you put in to this!
  13. Peaceful Warrior

    Peaceful Warrior Super Moderator

    Doors are now open

    I have been asked to manage the new affiliates program and I am very pleased to announce that the doors are now open.

    If you are interested in the affiliates program, you can register at the link below:

    Affiliate Program Registration LINK

    When you register you will be given a link to a private affiliate area to discuss promo tactics etc.

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2008
  14. Montana Keith

    Montana Keith Member


    Hi Peaceful Warrior,

    I tried to sign up for this affliate program but was unable to do so. After I fill out all the fields on the form and "click" proceed, it comes back having "blanked out" the user name and password fields.

    I thought that perhaps I was suppose to use my Project Meditation forum user name and password. I tried but this didn't work either. It's probably just something the I--the user--am doing. I'd appreciate any assistance you can offer. Thanks. --Keith :)
  15. Peaceful Warrior

    Peaceful Warrior Super Moderator

    :eek: ooops... let me look in to that Keith.

    I should have it fixed soon :)
  16. Bhavya

    Bhavya Member

    Hi Peaceful warrior
    Can you explain what an affiliate program actually is and how it works?
  17. Peaceful Warrior

    Peaceful Warrior Super Moderator

    Hi Keith,

    I have just emailed you. It seems to be working fine now.

    If anyone else has any probs, please post them here.

    Hi Bhavya, this link should help:


    I will be making a page up soon that explains the program a little easier than that wiki page :)

  18. sarita

    sarita Member


    Is there a link to a page where I can inform myself on how the affiliate programme works?

    I just tried to sign up (figuring I could find out that way!) but it won't accept 'sarita' as my user name - which it certainly is!

  19. beth

    beth Member

    Any tips please

    Just wondering if anybody has any good tips on how to be an affiliate. My hubby and me would love to do this cos its helped us so much and thought we could put up notices in libraries and big offices. we dont know how to make it work on the internet but think it might be a good way to work from home maybe :eek:
  20. Telar

    Telar Member


    @ Beth. Unfortunately their are hundreds of so called good tips about how to be a good affiliate on the net. They all cost a lot of money and quite frankly they are all crap with other words don´t buy em. If you have a website or an forum start with that, putting up on of michaels banners. Otherwise quite frankly is a matter of trial and error and I think a hard peace of work.

    @michael, howdy you should have a look at on of the affiliate Textlinks

    Free Meditation Tips - Learn How I Beat My Stress & Anxiety Through A Weird Meditation Method

    I think you got something wrong their

    and anotherthing I can´t change my URL to my homepage in my profile. If I go on save changes it doesnt take the new one
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009

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