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    Hi everyone :)

    In this moment; I am in this moment :)

    On the second last day of 2011, my entire universe, all my understanding, everything I knew as "true" slipped into obscurity and a very different everything emerged. I experienced every move, every breath, every word I said and every word I heard with this this change ever present in everything.

    Sometimes it was haunting, hollow, lonely and still, but a swarm of crows in an early evening sky or the scent of a new fresh morning and belonging and being part of everything and a deep contentment was ever present in every breath and in every breath the world was in me.

    I don't have new eyes and I recognise the world I walk but I see everything as though dimensions have shifted. It is around me and also part of me. Does this make sense:)? Are other people experiencing this? In my experience, this shift intensified in May. The beauty of this world has intensified or I have become in tune with it or both. I feel humbled that the life I am experiencing is part of this wonder. <3

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