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FerociouslyAmused (Offline)
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Default Hello Brothers and Sisters

Hello all. I appreciate the invite in beacuase it was starting to get extremely cloudy outside. I found this place in what was starting to look like a quest to find the end of the internet , and if you don't mind, I think I will stay a while.

I Was first introduced to meditation 10 years ago by one of my band members and I will have to admit, being slightly sheltered and an extreme skeptic, I ignorantly and arrogantly laughed at the idea. I arrived at his place for band practice, and there he sat against the wall with legs crossed and eyes closed. I said, "You know...there are much more comfortable ways to take a nap. I could teach you." To which he replied, " ...And there are much more comfortable ways to live...It's called meditation you d**k. I could teach you." We both laughed and I told him, "Nah man, I've been knowing how to sit down with my eyes closed for a long time now."

Well anyway, he talked me into trying it. I say "talked me into" but he basically bribed me. I sat down and got comfortable as he walked me through a meditation. After about 15 minutes I heard the roar of complete silence. This was brand new for me. My mind was always racing a million miles per hour in a trillion different directions. A few minutes later I started hearing music. I asked him to turn off the music but he assured me that there was no music playing. I thought that is a lie. I can clearly hear the music the same as I hear your voice. As we started to argue the music went away and I came out of my state. We went ahead with band practice and then I went home.

I was so fascinated by the experience that I tried it again as soon as I got home. After about 30 minutes it happened again. It was the same song. After listening to it play it seemed as if I were controlling, not note for note, but more like directing its ups and downs, and tension and release. If I thought of it too hard or tried to control it too much it simply disappeared. It was a very shy state. It operated on a very subtle level of "thought". I stayed in this state for a while then eventually picked up my guitar and learned the song in only a few hours. It was, at the time, the strangest and most beautiful experience I ever had. I couldn't wait to try it again.

The next day one of my band members told me there was a guitar competition later that afternoon and they would be giving away an ipod for 1st place. ( I didn't even know what that was. It was right after they came out and someone had to explain it to me lol ) So I went to the competition and played the song that seemed to float down from space the previous night, and despite very little practice I ended up winning. As cool as the ipod was at the time, the way the song came to me was infinitely more impressive.

I continued meditating for a while but didn't have much direction and ended up losing interest and telling myself I had more important things to do, but now I am back in it and ready to share my successes, failures, and tidbits as well as learn from others.

I hope I can give as much to this community as I am sure I will receive
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