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Old December 9th, 2012, 21:21   #1 (permalink)
free2beme2007 (Offline)
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Default Cool First Experience

Hey everyone! Wasssssup?! *goofy face*

So I started meditating yesterday. I looked on this forum and after reading some of the testimonies on this forum, I decided to give these tapes a try.

I have going through a very difficult time in my life. I have been having sever panic attacks and depression. It was a major task waking up in the morning and getting ready for work. When I as at work, it felt like i was a shell. I couldn't get myself to focus no matter how hard I tried. I was falling behind on multiple projects. This has been going on for about 7 months.

I tried a therapist. I tried herbs/pills (not prescription tho). I tried more sleep and then less sleep (depression make me sleep more). Got a pet (suppose to help relieve stress, depression, etc statistically). Exercising. Drinking. Sexual outlets.Tried to change social groups. Change my worldview. Eat better. Stop eating out. Loose weight. Read self-help books.Change my lifestyle (this was hard to do since I had no energy or motivation but I switched jobs so that helped). Kept a journal and a made a personal video blog. I couldn't seem to break this "spell" over my life, especially the debilitating panic attacks.

FYI:I recongized that had a full up emotional breakdown and I was experiences the aftermath of it. I had burned out and I had all the symptoms if you read "signs of emotional burnout" on webmd.

I get these mediation tapes last night and give it a try. The strangest things happen. When I was done, I was in a good mood. I thought it would go away in a few minutes. It ended up lasting all night! I wasn't in a panic state. I was calm and I could focus for the one of the first times in months. I started thinking about how I am going to catch up on my projects at work...without having a panic attack even though I felt the pressure. I started to clean ( I was living in a pig sty because previously I couldn't find the motivation to clean), playing with my puppy, had a good evening, and stopped pigging out in front of the TV screen.

I wondered if the mood was a fluke, but I enjoyed it anyways.

Okay. So I went to sleep and around 5 this morning, I woke up and I was having a panic attack about the stuff I stressed about at work, but it wasn't nearly as severe as before. Later that morning, I put on the tapes again. Usually, my panic attacks are so bad that I can't get a meditative state....I ended up getting into the meditative state about 15 mins in of the tape. I was stoked!

The good mood returned. The panic attack AND depression is completely gone. I cleaned the rest of my house this morning. I am in a really good mood---I am happy but not bouncing off the wall (i.e. not a bi-polar mood swing). My mood is calm and happy. I am emotionally stable; when a distressing thought pops in to my head I can "handle" it and get over it while staying in a good mood, and if needed, handling the situation (i.e. my puppy pees on the carpet or chews my fav shoe). This is my SECOND time using the tapes. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I get completely through the system!

Anywho. I hope this helps inspire someone to get the LifeFlow system and that it motivates other mediators to continue.

Have a good day all,
Jaybree (Free2beme2007)
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