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A very enjoyable discussion !

I would like to make clear to you that when I quote you and offer a different point of view, this is not meant as critisism. I want help you deepen your insight.

Now that we have cleared the air between ego's:

Just as you mentioned, we have to raise an awarness that the ego mind creates unnecessary thoughts that prevent us from experiencing essence and oneness with the Being.
Try to think of it this way:
The ego IS thought. Everything that happens inside your head is thought. Everything that is still, motionless, the calm centre within is You.
In a way, it is more like shifting awareness rather than raising awareness. Right now, all the attention is on thought usually. A thought comes up, we react to the thought, this invites the next thought in.

When you shift your awareness to Being, and from there watch the thoughts come up and go without judgement, the stream is broken. Sure, another thought may pop up, but there is no ribbon of related thoughts that come up afterwords. Now you see the silence between the thoughts, and better yet, you feel it, intensely in every cell of your body, you "hear" the silence, you See it....
Are we WHOLEness or NOTHINGness?
lovely contemplation.

What is Self ? What does Self look like ? Is Self some-thing or no-thing ?
We can't deny our existance, yet Self is formless, and this formlessness is what drives our mind crazy. How do you lable an existing nothing ?
We are space, there is no form, no beginning, no end.

We are God, in the same way that another person is God, an animal, a plant, a rock, a sun, a comet, that annoying bug tickling between your shoulderblades, all this I Am. 65 million years ago, when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, I Am. When the universe ends in the big crunch, I Am. No beginning, no end, neither in space nor time.

When I first read this on an Advaita website, my ego went off the charts.
Now it is Truth.
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