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Thanks Seatrend !

Lately, and I think this is due to Tolle's work, the word "ego" seems to become a bit too heavy in it's daily use.

"that is just the the ego talking"
, or how about this one " I am struggling with the ego ".
I'm sorry, but the word "ego" should be used only in the sense that Tolle wants it described, not as a concept, but as a short version of this description: " The collection of thoughts and memories gathered and remembered during the entire cause of your life up to now, that lead to a false believe of who you are ".

That is all the ego is, the ego as a concept doesn't exist. There is no ego-bone, or the ego is not part of a certain part of the brain...
" Ah, and when doing a brainscan, that there, smashed between the temporal lobe and the anterior commisure is the ego-lobe"
It is simply a collection of thoughts that feeds itself.
This collection is highly deciptive. It takes time to realise that thoughts, or collections of thoughts like the word "ego" points to, can only appear in consiousness. The Self is endless and boundryless, it has no beginning and no end. In this field of no-thingness, thoughts can appear. The ego can appear. Since thoughts appear in the Self, thoughts can mislead themselves into the belief that thoughts ARE the Self.
Just to show how deceptive the "ego" is....

Lately, and I think this is due to Tolle's work, the word "ego" seems to become a bit too heavy.

"that is just the the ego talking", or how about this one " I am struggling with the ego ".
I wrote this a few sentences ago.
Think about that second sentence...
" I am struggling with the ego ".
Who is struggling with the ego ?
Being, the Self or whatever name we can think of ( or concept we try to make of something that can't be conceptualised ) doesn't struggle. It simply Is. It is only consiousness in the Now.
So, the "I" that is "struggling with the ego"... If it is not the Self, than it is the "ego" struggling with the ego...
And we just proved that the ego doesn't really exist, it's just a collection of thoughts.

So, a non-existing ego is struggling with the non-existant ego...

Doesn't make sense now does it ?

This is why it is so important to let go of thoughts, why we need to practice meditation at first, and later on, to try to hold on to that state of no-thought outside of meditation. Without thoughts, when we just Are, when we See without judgement, living in everyday life without distractions from the mind... Think of the peace, the wonderfull bliss of performing seemingly boring tasks when " I am bored " is suddenly replaced by " I Am ".
Without thoughts about boredom or a false sense of I, Love and Bliss come out of the simplest tasks. Imagine feeling that feeling of bliss you allready know from meditation while doing the dishes, sweeping the porch, cleaning the toilet, making love, posting on this forum... But I get carried away.

Bottom line is to realise that the ego is thoughts, and thoughts keep you away from fully experiencing the moment, the only moment that is real, the eternal "Now".
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