Do You Know The Two Emotions That Mess Us Up The Most?

Gratitude is not sentimental, nor is it jealous or judgmental. It doesn't compare or envy others, it simply is a deep offering of thanks for every thing we have available to us from the day we are born. A gratitude meditation or other chosen moments of thankfulness practiced regularly build upon one another and so as your own personal gratitude grows, it gives rise to deeper and deeper feelings of joy. And this dear friends, is when we can share it out to friends, family and our own communities.

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Auto Circadian Meditation What's That?

Auto Circadian Meditation What’s That?

When a circadian rhythm is disturbed, the effects can be extreme, including, but not restricted to insomnia, poor alertness, poor response times, and depression. Sleep is meant to be a restful time for the human body, a period of rest and relaxation. All too often, though, for our tense bodies and restless minds, this is not the case. This is not the way it has to be, not with the auto circadian meditation technique on hand...

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Eastern Meditation

Eastern Meditation Techniques

Eastern Meditation offers various techniques in which one can reach enlightenment and self discovery. The general belief associated with eastern meditation techniques are the belief that "the universe and I are one". Powers of positive thinking, clearing the mind of all the past stress factors and focusing on a solitary thought during meditation, are common practices...

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