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Dr Derag Rennie

Dr Darag Rennie MBChB
Stanmore Bay, New Zealand

I've been practicing meditation for 32 years, starting with TM in my 3rd year of medical school. My interest in the field of consciousness grew and I left medicine several months after graduating to focus on this.

I spent the next decade working with a specific active breathing meditation plus I was meditating with a mantra from a teacher I spent time with in India.

Life moved on and so did I but I always maintained an interest and a level of personal practice in meditation & consciousness work. I became aware of brain wave entrainment just over a year ago and came across LifeFlow while I was on level 1 of another programme.

The LifeFlow package looked like more advanced technology and cost less than the one I was using. I knew I was enjoying what I was experiencing with the other programme so I bought the whole LifeFlow series and I have never regretted that decision.

I use it most days and it is still a delightful surprise for me to enter the "zone" where my breath frees up and I literally bathe in the energy of life itself.

By "delightful surprise" I mean to bring attention to the ease and consistency of the experience. Ease in that it is such an easy thing to pop in some headphones, switch on the track, sit back or up or lie down and simply enjoy. Consistent in that the results are consistent, every time without fail my mind is gently led in the right direction till it is sitting firmly and comfortably into a nicely aware and peaceful space.

I can also sense that working further and further into my day now as I progress through the deeper levels of the series. Mostly it's one of my favourite things to do during the day but on the occasional restless night it's a great way to get back to sleep!

Michael, I also wanted you to know that I've really appreciated the energy and tone behind your continued communication and education.

It's always positive and upbeat and doesn't slip into using negativity to spur a buying decision like a lot of people marketing on the net do.

And whenever I have needed any technical support your staff have been so warm and friendly to deal with.

One other thing is for sure - this Christmas there will be more iPods in the house, as my wife has grown attached to it as well and I'd love my girls to have more regular access to it too.

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Compare Holosync® & LifeFlow®

  Holosync® LifeFlow®
Sound technology Binaural beats Binaural beats, Monaural tones, Isochronic tones (12 layers)
Cost of full series approx: $2500 $670 ($67 per level)
Background sounds Each level is the same Each level is unique
Effectiveness Headphones required Headphones not required
Satisfaction guarantee Money back on first level

Money back on any level

Support Lifetime support Lifetime support
  Holosync® LifeFlow®


Read an extract from our community forum written by a skeptical audio engineer about brainwave entrainment companies

"I was intrigued when I first ran the analysis on the LifeFlow® tracks as well. Call me curious, I suppose, but I've run audio spectrographs on a number of entrainment products from various companies (out of courtesy I won't specify the names here,) because I always want to know if their claims are backed up by the technical analysis I perform.

So here are a couple of interesting points I've found.

First thing I noticed was that the LifeFlow® tracks start and end right at their targeted entrainment frequency. No descending down, no climbing back up.

They do fade in and out with the volume, but this does not in any way affect frequency of the entrainment waves themselves.

Virtually every other track I've run through the spectrograph tells you in their literature that they begin in Beta, slowly descend down to the target frequency where they remain for a time, then start ascending again back to Beta.

I've always found this a most curious thing since, as Michael has said, and as I've read in many places elsewhere, the human brain requires something like 8 minutes to entrain to a frequency, and it only works if that frequency remains constant.

"I have been using brainwave entrainment programs for years. Some of them have worked very well for me and some have been total duds. Michael has created a program that is by far the best I have ever used. I am now accomplishing much more in less time. The LifeFlow® Series is a program I would
recommend to anyone looking to create a better

Jason Fulgham - CA, USA

Testimonial Disclaimer

That's one of the reasons I've found the LifeFlow® tracks to be so much more effective.

Interestingly, when I play tracks from other manufacturers I get no discernible patterns on the intensity bars. They just bounce all over the place seemingly at random. That may be the reason I've never gotten any particularly noteworthy results using other entrainment products. All those waves just seem jumbled together.

So when I ran across the LifeFlow® series I was, to say the least, very skeptical. I thought to myself, "Here we go again! Another entrainment product that will just show me a jumble of sounds!" Then I tested them and to my very great surprise I found them to be unique and very different than any other track I'd ever tested before. So I started using the LF-10 track and noticed how much it improved my meditative practice.

With the technical spectrographic proof before my eyes, and the personal experience verifying to me that the tracks really do what Michael says they do, I had no qualms at all about investing in the rest of the series." - Raven (To read more click here)

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