Meditation Visualization Techniques

Imagery and meditation visualization techniques have been proven to relieve pain, speed up the healing process and in combating stress, anxiety and other forms of tension. It is considered to be an extremely effective healing tool worldwide, having been long overlooked by practitioners of western medicine. Visualization techniques work well for those who find it difficult to focus on a mantra or a particular topic. Although not always curative, by practising imagery meditation and visualization techniques, 90 percent of the problems people bring to the attention of their primary care physicians can be relieved drastically. Imagery is the most fundamental language we have as everything we do is processed through the mind as an image.

Unfortunately, most of the images that pop into our heads do more harm than good. Indeed, the most common type of imagery is worry and visualization by way of negative thoughts. Worry only exists in our imaginations and if not dealt with, can alter your physiology and make you more susceptible to various ailments, ranging from acne to arthritis, headaches to heart disease, and ulcers to urinary tract infections.

You can use meditation visualization techniques to harness the energy of your imagination. To begin with you may find practicing your imagery or visualization for about 15 - 20 minutes a day initially to ensure that you're learning to do it properly. Many people find it easiest to do in bed in the morning and at night before falling asleep, however as you become more experienced and comfortable with the technique, you'll be able to do it for just a few minutes at a time as required throughout the day.

Breathing is very important during all forms of meditation; hence the old phrase, "Take a deep breath and count to ten" is more than just a phrase. Imagery and meditation visualization techniques are at the center of relaxation techniques, designed to release brain chemicals that act as natural brain tranquilizers, lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety/stress levels.

Imagery meditation can be practiced in a group with one person describing a scene to imagine, followed by another person in the group giving consideration to and adding to the image and so forth, building on the images and deliberate thought in their minds. It may also be practiced individually, imagining your own scene and building on it. This state of deliberation remains until either the guide brings everybody back from meditation or until your individual time of rumination comes to an end. Following this session, as with all mediation techniques, spend some time of reflection on the experience, what you discovered and any questions that might have arisen. Often, many people who practice this enjoyable and simple technique find it very useful and rewarding to keep a journal of the experiences encountered to gain greater insight into themselves as well as creating a whole picture of a given topic or focus.

Another visualization technique worth trying is called the pink bubble, whereby an individual thought entering your mind is placed inside the bubble by means of imagination and then released. Watch as it floats away. The reason for this is that during deliberation, thoughts tend to remain, attracting others with it. Therefore, it is necessary to acknowledge it (place it in the bubble), then release it (release the bubble). If you acknowledge the thought and then release it, you'll have more chance of it staying away.

If practicing meditation visualization techniques is something that interests you, you will find numerous techniques to try on the internet, guided cd’s or dvd’s. You will also find it to be an extremely and valuable source of reflection and contemplation, ridding the mind of the constant chatter ever present. As with all various techniques used in meditation, it must be practiced on a regular basis to benefit from the immense results that can be achieved.

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