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Ascension Meditation

Ascension meditation can be considered the ultimate goal of meditation.  This goal has also been called enlightenment, self realization, and Nirvana.  In meditative practice, ascension meditation is the final goal of each individual’s evolution, as well as the collective evolution of humanity.  Ascension is believed to be the highest level of thought available to us.  Through ascension meditation, permanent union with the higher self and the Divine are considered to be possible.  This method of contemplation offers the practitioner of ascension meditation the chance to experience oneness with all life.  Through ascension meditation, the meditator is able to become his or her highest possible self and gain full use of creative and spiritual powers.  This form of reflection is believed to allow a shift from common physical perceptions to unlimited spiritual perceptions.  The practitioner of ascension meditation gains, through careful rumination, access to higher spiritual worlds through the spiritual body.  This spiritual body of light can only be completed by achieving ascension.

Through ascension meditation, the subject is believed to become an instrument of universal love, light, wisdom and power – the hand of the Divine.  To prepare for ascension, there are several steps.  The practitioner of ascension meditation must engage in consideration, deliberation, or prayer on a daily basis.  This allows the subject to maintain contact with their own inner spirit.  As well, the practitioner of ascension meditation must remember to concentrate on that inner spirit during the course of the day.  To prepare for ascension, it is also important to detach from worldly things.  The more weight these things are given, the more difficult it will be to attain the rarefied state of ascension.

Regular exercise such as Yoga or Tai Chi is recommended to strengthen the circuits of energy through the body.  It is also considered important to keep the chakras and energy centers clear of contamination through meditations and exercises designed for the purpose.  Practitioners of ascension meditation must learn to attune themselves to their inner teachers to find the insight within themselves.  These practices and regular use of other spiritual and cleansing techniques will help to refine the energy of the body and allow the practitioner to construct the spiritual body for travel in higher realms. 

Ascension is a process of consciously evolving into one’s higher self.  Ascension meditation helps the practitioner to rise above the normal way of thinking and being in the world and to find oneness with spiritual existence.

By Hilary Reese

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