Samatha Meditation

Samatha meditation is also referred to as concentration meditation.  Unlike some other forms of meditation, samatha involves focusing on a specific object for an extended period of time.  The benefits of samatha meditation are numerous and can be applied to many different situations.

Literally translated, Samatha means calm.  Obviously enough, calmness is exactly the mental state that you will be in while engaged in meditation.  Samatha meditation is one way to develop a strong and dependable inner strength.  It will help get rid of the frustration and problems that you face. 

We’ve all experienced the feeling of a busy mind.  At some point, everyone has felt unable to stay focused on anything.  Your mind may go from one thing to the next on a whim.  This is exactly what will be lessened through the regular practice of Samatha meditation.  You will learn the astounding benefits of quiet contemplation and consideration. 

During a calm period of reflection, you will learn to focus on an object.  In the Buddhist religion, there are 40 objects that can be concentrated on.  If practiced regularly, your random thought will turn into concentration.  You could possibly focus on your breath, a mantra, a scripture, or any number of things.  This is a gentle form of mind development.

Most Buddhists use this in conjunction with insight meditation.  This is also referred to as Vipissana meditation.  These two meditations go hand in hand with each other.  Afterwards, it is common to experience a deep feeling of serenity and peace.  This sense of great joy and inner peace is referred to as the jhana.  These are attributes that everyone searches to include in their daily lives.

Learning to control the mind is a great skill to learn.  Everyone from any walk of life can benefit from Samatha meditation.  At some point, everyone experiences stress and frustration.  These types of thoughts are negative and can be avoided through the use of a tool like Samatha meditation.  Meditation also offers proven health benefits.  To promote health in the body, mind, and spirit, there is no better way.  If you would like to maintain balance and inner peace, consider developing a meditation routine. 

Samatha meditation is a staple in the Buddhist religion. It was even practiced by the great Buddha himself.  It is typically combined with other forms of meditation and known to be extremely effective.  While it is popular in the Buddhist religion you need not be a Buddhist to engage in it.

By Simon Hughes