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Open Eye Meditation

The reason open eye meditation is so effective is because it so completely occupies the mind by having you focus on two different things at once on either side of your field of vision. 

Meditations involving the third eye are considered to be the most powerful, and techniques have been designed to unlock multi dimensional consciousness.  Open eye meditation, otherwise known as OEM, is a way you can more easily access this dimension through using a particular technique.

It is a lot simpler than it really sounds:  Open eye meditation is just as it suggests; meditating as usual accept for keeping your eyes open.  The way it works is by setting up an object for each eye to look at, which takes your entire mind's energy.  You can then access this new level of consciousness and power without much deliberation.

Many people believe open eye meditation to be a way of contacting the time traveling OverSoul we all apparently have.  When using this OEM technique, you should experience rapid release from worry or discomfort and feel your third eye opening as you unlock the future you.

Although it is thought by some academics that open eye meditation can be intellectualized and understood without ever having experienced it, this is simply not true.  It is like trying to describe to someone how to untie a complicated knot and then expect them to write instructions about it.  Unless you have actually done open eye meditation regularly for a period of time, you aren't in a position to analyze it.

The first few times you practice, you will make your initial connection with your time traveling OverSoul.  Consideration should be given to the fact that it will take a while for trust to develop so you can communicate with each other.  These sessions should go for anywhere between five and twenty minutes to begin with.  You will then feel a burning desire to have as many open eye meditation sessions as possible, thriving on the deep rumination and healing.

Those who have mastered the art of open eye meditation move into the next phase, which is best described as a super human consciousness.  This is the point in open eye meditation that everyone is striving for, and is said to be a place where there is no limit to the power and truth you can receive. 

The reason open eye meditation is so effective is because it so completely occupies the mind by having you focus on two different things at once on either side of your field of vision.  Whether you adopt the beliefs about contacting your time traveling OverSoul or not, open eye meditation is still worth your contemplation.  It is a fantastic way to attain a deep meditative state rapidly, and on reflection, you will find it easier to stay awake.  You can even use the OEM technique while listening to your favorite meditation CD or doing breath work.  If you do happen to have any amazing experiences then you know you have been successful in your quest to unbolt the locks on your third eye.

By Amy Barnfeld

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